Haval is the leading SUV brand in China, and has been the champion for 14 consecutive years, and sold more than 9 million vehicles until 2016. In 2016 alone, Haval sold more than 1 million vehicles.

By 2020, Haval is projected to sell more than 2 million cars, surpassing Jeep, Land Rover to become the world's largest professional SUV brand.

HAVAL offers a range of high-end premium SUV’s. We offer a wide range of Havals, from the smaller Haval H2, to the medium size H6, and the large H8 and H9 models – the equivalent to a Toyota Prado. The SUVs have countless unique features and components that are sourced from a number of reputable brands such as: Schaeffler, Delphi and ZF, providing key components for the engine and transmission. All Haval vehicles are fitted with 1.5L or 2.0L turbo-petrol direct fuel injection delivering an overall high-quality vehicle with outstanding performance. Features such as reverse camera, leather seats and sunroof are available for the luxury versions of any of the models. All at an affordable price.


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