Front Double-wishbone Suspension

Double-wishbone independent front suspension, with a classic structure of strong off-road SUV, has two wishbones that could absorb motion transverse forces at the same time, so that the support only bears body weight.


Therefore, transverse rigidity is high enough to ensure the tyre contacts ground closely, and the body is stable under various road conditions.

The Upper and lower wishbones with unequal length can change camber angle when wheels are moving up and down to reduce tread variation and tyre wear, also guarantee comfortable driving and seating.

Lighting System

Speed-sensitive Lighting Assistance: Speed-sensitive intelligent selection of lighting mode: lighting track is wide and lighting area is broad at low speed; lighting illumination is far at high speed to guarantee running safety.

Rotation-sensitive Lighting Assistance: Intelligently and automatically adjust light illumination center, rotate with rotation of the steering wheel and automatically point to the curve to guarantee high visibility of the curve and substantially increase running safety on the curve at night.

Curve Lighting Assistance: When vehicle speed is lower than 40km/h and steering wheel angle is larger than 60°, fog lamp illuminates automatically to assist curve lighting to ensure curve illumination is free from any dead angle.
Body Inclination Adjustment Assistance: The system automatically adjusts inclination of optical axis with change in body elevation angle to avoid poor illumination as a result of lift.


F1 Racing Car Shift Piece: Drivers may shift without their hands off the steering wheel, providing the driving experiences just as driving a F1 racing car.

Manual/Automatic Switching: Drivers may switch to manual shifting mode according to their driving habits to bring about smoother shifting and pure driving pleasure.

Safety Locking Function: To prevent the shift lever is switched to the driving gear unexpectedly in order to enhance driving safety.

Multiple Speed Design: Six-speed design with smooth gear shifting increases fuel economy.

Full-power Intelligent Four-wheel Drive System

ECU of transfer gear automatically collects real-time data of the running vehicle (including vehicle speed, wheel speed, throttle opening, etc.) to achieve reasonable switching of two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive by controllable torque transferred by the transfer gear according to actual running conditions.


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